INSR Inaugural Board of Directors Announced

The Society for Ecological Restoration is delighted to announce the launch of the International Network for Seed-based Restoration (INSR), our newest thematic section. INSR links practitioners, scientists, communities, governments and industries who use seed-based techniques for ecological restoration and rehabilitation. With an interactive web page and development of discussion forums between seed-based restoration ecologists around the world, the network offers an important and valuable new forum to SER.
Please join us us in welcoming INSR's inaugural board members: 

  • Board Chair: Kingsley Dixon

  • Chair Elect, Rob Fiegener

  • Director at Large, Nancy Shaw

  • Director at Large, Olga Kildisheva

  • Secretary, Stephanie Frischie

Dixon, in-coming board chair and leader of the new Network noted "Smarter use of native seed is one of the most important ways we are going to tackle the global scale in ecological restoration and I am delighted that the foundation Board comprises people at the cutting edge of seed science and practice. Importantly INSR is there as the expert panel through its global membership to assist with advice on restoration following environmental disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, Japan's Fukushima Hamadōri earthquake and catastrophic wildfires in the Russian Far East."

Members of SER can join INSR for free. You can join when you renew your membership in SER or add it to your current membership now by filling out this quick form

Bethanie Walder
Executive Director
Society for Ecological Restoration